Ultimate Quality Work Wear

We are your reliable and experienced work wear manufacturing partner around the world. MAGNUS combines timeless design with innovative elements and builds all collections so you can quickly and effectively track down the right clothing combination, totally in accordance with your company colours.

The Largest Exporter of Textile

Magnus Overview

We aim to bring a revolutionary change in the Textile industry through products! From fabric to finish, we undauntedly choose great materials that pass the most stringent tests. To ensure a maximum level of quality, MAGNUS is in full control of the production process: from plan and design, over production to logistics.

Production Capability

Currently we have a capacity to produce up to 50,000 pcs per month of a particular article/ style by utilizing our 250 machines and 350 employees.

Company History

One of the fastest growing & most reputed business groups in Pakistan & globe. MAGNUS oughts to be the main provider of work wear for dealers with high requests on capacity, quality and plan in all business sectors where we operate.

Our Clients

We are continually endeavoring to discover new and innovative ways by which we can help the greater community.

About Magnus

The leading workwear manufacturing company in
Pakistan since 2016.

Magnus is a medium sized sewing company based in Lahore, Pakistan with a clear focus in the manufacturing of professional work clothing. Being based in Pakistan allows Magnus a few advantages, firstly a favourable duty structure with the EU and other international markets as a result of the GSP status that Pakistan enjoys with these markets. Our specialization is broad in:

  • Industrial work wear
  • Corporate identity fashion
  • Fashion
  • Sport