Start from 2016
Company Profile

Magnus is a medium sized sewing company based in Lahore, Pakistan with a clear focus in the manufacturing of professional work clothing. Ever since its inception in 2016, the company has received a consistent demand for its products from international markets and in particular EU markets. Currently we have a capacity to produce up to 50,000 pcs per month of a particular article/ style by utilising our 250 machines and 350 employees. Being based in Pakistan allows Magnus a few advantages, firstly a favourable duty structure with the EU and other international markets as a result of the GSP status that Pakistan enjoys with these markets. Secondly being a textile driven economy, allows Magnus access to good quality human resource at all times. In fact at Magnus we have tried to further improve our worker’s efficiency by bringing in international quality auditors from China and currently employ two such resources in our senior management team. We aim to keep bringing in international experts where required so that our human resource is continuously trained according to changing international standards and giving our company a truly international feel. In this regard Magnus has also completed the BSCI and WRAP certifications required for export to international markets. Lastly Magnus uses the finest quality pre-shrunk fabric which make our products resistant to wear and tear, shrinkage, colorfastness and make our fabrics durable.

The Largest Exporter of Textile
Our specialization is broad:

We are your reliable and experienced work wear manufacturing partner around the world. MAGNUS combines timeless design with innovative elements and builds all collections so you can quickly and effectively track down the right clothing combination, totally in accordance with your company colours.
We are regularly supplying our quality workwear to all over the world, and most of the quality workwear items of market stay in our production through out the year, which enable us to give our customers keen prices, appropriate follow up regarding Shipment, Market Trends, New Quality Samples etc.

Industrial work wear
Industrial work wear, often referred to as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), can have one or more CE marks, which means the garment conforms to a number of regulations, standards and norms. In some scenarios and working conditions, Industrial work wear can mean the difference between life and death.
Corporate identity fashion
Corporate identity fashion are comfortable garments with a contemporary style and suitable for many different trades, such as transportation, maintenance and warehousing. The garments have excellent profiling possibilities in a multitude of colours and sizes and are easy to combine to suit needs of functionality and appearance.
We are a professional Fashion clothing manufacturer in Pakistan. We have the ability to handle customized printing pattern, embroidery a logo, even custom label and tag is the key success of your business.
With a commitment towards quality, we serve our clients with the best sportswear. We believe that “Quality is Our Strength” that enable us to serve our customers in the most efficient manner.

Through regard of our character, our foundations and to keep up our image and the spirit of MAGNUS, we will create, produce and sell work wear. Our items should make the work easier and give maximum protection.


MAGNUS ought to be a main provider of work wear for dealers with high requests on capacity, quality and plan in all business sectors where we operate.

Core Values

Work wear that does the work for you – It’s something other than a motto. It’s a mission. To offer work wear that meets the most noteworthy prerequisites as far as quality, durability and functionality. Also, to help professionals with making the most out of their work.


Clearly, work wear must be utilitarian. That is the reason our work clothing is expertly planned and tried based on the specific work situation of the user down to the smallest detail. Like no other we realize which work pockets an expert requirements and which viable highlights offer a genuine added esteem. Like the ordinary MAGNUS enormous stitch that permits you to handily expand your work pants by 5 cm. Moreover, the significance of a solid match can’t be belittled all things considered. Well-fitted work wear is not only more comfortable and more reasonable, yet in addition more secure.


Focusing in on quality additionally benefits the strength of work wear. In other words: your work wear last longer. We depend on set up qualities for this, such as the MAGNUS brand, the extremely durable fabric used to reinforce work clothes in strategic areas, and the robust zippers from YKK.


Also, that it looks great? That is an additional worth of our work wear! MAGNUS combines timeless design with innovative elements and builds all collections so you can quickly and effectively track down the right clothing combination, totally in accordance with your company colours.