Say ‘Yes’ to a brand new uniform at work! Find out why we think so

Welcome to a brand new year! Whenever a new year comes we start to plan the basics, new stationery, new planners, new calendars and the list goes on! But as we plan everything to be ‘new’ why not rebrand the company’s outlook as well! Yes, you are right; new uniforms and workwear for the staff maybe? This is often given a less of a priority but we think it’s the most important factor that contributes to the wellbeing of the staff and workers!

Here are the top 3 reasons why we think it’s important for the uniforms at work to change or have a brand new look!

  1. Happy staff equals a happy company culture

It’s an old saying that the happier the employees are, the happier the work environment will be. Employees work all year round for the company and after a year of hard work, they want a change! Everybody loves new clothes when the new season arrives! Same is the case with the workwear and uniforms! They look forward to the new change to the new colors! It is equally important to involve the employees in the decision making of the new look of the uniforms, as their input will ensure you end up with a more desirable uniform which the employees will take ownership of, thus improving the overall performance, confidence, and morale. As a result, it translates into a happy environment at the workplace which in turn leads to higher productivity and profit margins for the company through elevated levels of employee performance.

  1. It boosts the company’s overall image

Changing the company uniforms and workwear every year is great for boosting the company’s overall brand image. It is a form of free advertisement, for the company since the logo depicts clearly on the uniforms. A comfortable yet stylish uniform will also make the employees want to wear it proudly and will help the overall organization become promptly identifiable, and work as a way of promotion rather than having the need to invest heavily in other areas to further promote the business.

  1. Safety concerns & Professionalism

Okay, so this is by far the most significant aspect as to why the uniforms should be changed every year! In some aspects of the industry, such as the hotel industry, airlines, and the hospitality industry it is very important to change the uniforms for the safety purpose of the workforce and staff. Say for instance there are several departments in a company, bad every color signifies the particular department and their shared responsibilities.  If the company is engaged in saving lives such as the Fire combat industry then the uniform should be made in such an innovative material that it prevents the worker from hazardous incidents. In addition to this wearing a uniform especially in public depicts the company’s overall culture and or motes professionalism.



So yeah! That’s about it. If you have some other reasons or an interesting story to share regarding workwear unions then you comment in the section below! Along with custom made uniforms and clothing, we also have a broad line of promotional products and items. Magnus is all ready to meet any and all of your uniform needs in every industry! Learn more about our custom uniforms, work apparel, uniform products by filling out our online form or calling us at 04235467237.