MA-1008 Multi Pocket Kneepad Work Stretch Jeans

These multi-pockets jeans make all the difference on the workfloor: their fabric is durable and reinforced with Cordura®, especially in those places that are particularly susceptible to wear out. What is more, for extra comfort. The adapted ‘slim fit’ guarantees an ultra-modern look.
Cordura® holster pockets with tool loops
zip-up pocket for small tools
multifunctional belt loop
pockets reinforced with Cordura®
2 front pockets
2 open back pockets
leg pocket
pen holder
ruler pocket
utility knife pocket
button for knife holder
mobile phone pocket
removable ID card holder
slim fit
lowered waist
enzyme stonewashed jeans fabric (4-way stretch)
three-needle stitching
contrast stitching
hem reinforced with Cordura®
large hem (extra 5 cm)
jeans button and zipper
89,5% cotton/10,5% elastane, 9,5 oz (+/- 320g/m²)
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