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Our athletic track suits give your child the agility and the flexibility they need during sports and physical education time.










Awesome features

We want clients and designers alike to think about their design and how it will work with the web copy.

Superior Fabric, Ultra Comfortable

The advantage of this fabric as it is made from spun yarn the comfort level is more with easy maintenance.

High-Quality Buttons

Producing buttons or semi-finished button parts from plastic or other
substances in a plastic state, allows its reorientation by either movement about its attachment or movement of the structure it secures.

Modern Patterns

Although there are many influences that can shape mob thinking patterns, this type of policy can be a foundational element of it if the uniform policies are not carefully introduced and monitored.

Nylon Zippers

Nylon Zippers makes it much simpler for the ease wearing, it can prevent social snobbery through certain dress styles that are associated with particular wealth or status.

Soft Collars For Increased Comfort

Although, cervical collars are a seemingly benign intervention, they can have adverse effects, especially when used for longer periods of time.

Vat Dyes For Non-Fading

While continuous dyeing with vats offers economic advantages, several precautions are required to ensure a satisfactory result.

Work Gallery

Employees work on a clothing production line at a Magnus garment factory which has seen its workforce.

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Say ‘Yes’ to a brand new uniform at work! Find out why we think so

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